PIPEFAB 4.0 ME (Master Edition)

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pipe pro­duc­tion

PIPEFAB ME man­ages the admin­is­tra­tion, iso­metric cre­ation and cal­cu­la­tion of entire pipe strings. In addi­tion to detach­able con­nec­tions, welded con­nec­tions, fit­tings, neck­outs and break­outs can also be rep­res­ented in the draw­ings and taken into account in the sub­sequent cal­cu­la­tions. A standard catalog with weld fit­tings and bolting com­pon­ents is included in the scope of delivery. Fur­ther com­ponent cata­logs can be cre­ated and entered on a cus­tomer-spe­cific basis.

PIPEFAB Master Edi­tion also sup­ports multi-site man­u­fac­turing, as dif­ferent man­u­fac­turing sites can be man­aged, each with their own machinery.

The iso­metric data as a basis for man­u­fac­turing can be gen­er­ated by input in the ISOINPUT soft­ware module or by trans­fer­ring CAD data or meas­ure­ment data from various pipe meas­uring sys­tems. PIPEFAB ME now takes over the entire cal­cu­la­tion of the pipe geo­metry and sup­plies all the data required for pipe man­u­fac­turing in the form of lists or files.

In its entirety, PIPEFAB ME accom­panies and man­ages the entire piping life cycle, from engin­eering and design to pro­cure­ment, pro­duc­tion, and assembly, to oper­a­tion, main­ten­ance, and repair of the pipes. In this way, all areas of the “digital chain” are sys­tem­at­ic­ally integ­rated. How­ever, since not every com­pany needs the full scope of ser­vices of such an industry solu­tion, the PIPEFAB soft­ware has a mod­ular struc­ture and is able to spe­cific­ally meet the indi­vidual require­ments for each company.

In inter­ac­tion with CAD, ERP/MRP, PDM, QA or standard accounting sys­tems, all data and iso­met­rics required for pro­ject hand­ling and con­trol are gen­er­ated, work pack­ages are formed, pro­duc­tion times and costs are determ­ined, allow­ances are cal­cu­lated and rout­ings are created.

All mod­ules and com­pon­ents of the PIPEFAB product family with their dif­ferent key require­ments are com­pat­ible with each other and thus form the basis for the integ­rated overall solu­tion. The flex­ible use of the easy-to-operate, prac­tice-ori­ented applic­a­tion solu­tions res­ults in a sig­ni­ficant reduc­tion of work and time in pipe pro­duc­tion, which leads to not incon­sid­er­able cost savings.


PIPEFAB 4.0 pipe bending software

The advant­ages


Tech­nical data

Pro­ject administrationXX
Admin­is­tra­tion and main­ten­ance of master dataXX
Single-user install­a­tion/Client-server installation- / X- / X
Gen­er­a­tion of single pipe isometrics/spoolsX / XX / X
Cal­cu­la­tion and issuing of bending dataXX
Inspec­tion of clamping, start and end lengthsXX
Gen­er­a­tion and transfer of NC bending data00
Bending sim­u­la­tion with graphic display00
Import of CSV data/Export of CSV data0 / 00 / 0
Inter­face for import of CAD data (.pcf, .STEP, .IGES)00
3D rep­res­ent­a­tion of pipe courseXX
Branch com­pon­ents (detach­able connections)XX
Iso­metric exchange of partsXX
Screw con­nec­tions, T‑pieces, father-son partsXX
Output of parts lists and cut­ting listsXX
Gen­er­a­tion of man­u­fac­turing batches0X
Welded com­pon­ents (insep­ar­able joints)-X

X = Standard | 0 = Option | — = Not included

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