Insight TUBO­FORM A Pipe end pro­cessing machines

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Pipe end pro­cessing machines

The TUBO­FORM A can be used on a mobile Basis and handle pipe end forming not only flex­ibly but also in a matter of seconds. Pipe end forming is thus effect­ively optim­ized — Right down to the tool change times.

TUBO­FORM A Pipe end pro­cessing machines

The advant­ages

TUBO­FORM A in numbers

Tech­nical data

Oper­ating range 
Ø 3 — 20 mm
Max­imum forming force
60 kN
Max­imum clamping force
60 kN
Max­imum stroke of the forming punch
40 mm
Dimen­sions, approx­im­ately (WxHxD)
740 x 430 x 710 mm
Weight, approx­im­ately
98 kg
Con­nected load
1,7 kW
  • Com­pact and rugged table-top machine for axial pipe end forming
  • Hydraulic clamping for safe fix­a­tion of the pipe during the forming process
  • Custom-designed and applic­a­tion-spe­cific tooling (forming punch and clamping jaws)
  • Pre­cise adjust­ment of the pipe stop by means of a con­trol dial with digit roller display
  • High effi­ciency due to low cycle times
  • Short set-up times for tooling
  • Pro­tective cover with safety switch
  • Oper­ator-friendly and easy to service
  • Foot switch for trig­gering the forming process
  • Lub­ric­a­tion system

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