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pipe end deburring machines

The TUBOGRAT can be used on a mobile basis and deburrs pipes not only flex­ibly, but in mat­ters of seconds. Pipe fin­ishing is thus effect­ively optim­ized — right down to the tool change times.

TUBOGRAT Pipe end deburring machines

The advant­ages

TUBOGRAT 60 in numbers

Tech­nical data

MaschinentypTUBOGRAT 48TUBOGRAT 60
Oper­ating rangeØ 6 — 48 mmØ 20 — 60 mm
Rota­tion speed of the tools (switch­able)140 min ‑¹ / 280 min ‑¹140 min ‑¹ / 280 min ‑¹
Dimen­sions, approx­im­ately (WxHxD)430 x 240 x 320 mm510 x 280 x 380 mm
Weight, approx­im­ately 25 kg35 kg
Con­nected load0,12 kW0,73 kW
MaschinentypTUBOGRAT k60TUBOGRAT K77
Oper­ating range2–17 mm / 3–41 mm / 21–59 mm40–77 mm
Rota­tion speed of the tools (switch­able)140 min ‑¹ / 280 min ‑¹140 min ‑¹ / 280 min ‑¹
Dimen­sions, approx­im­ately (WxHxD)510 x 280 x 485 mm510 x 280 x 495 mm 
Weight, approx­im­ately 37 kg37 kg
Con­nected load0,37 kW0,37 kW
  • Com­pact and rugged table-top machine for internal and external deburring of pipe ends
  • Spe­cial deburring tools made of high-speed steel for long ser­vice life (TUBOGRAT 48, 60)
  • Tool holder for coun­ter­sinking tools with an adjustable depth stop (TUBOGRAT K60, K77)
  • Clean deburring of the pipe ends due to the fixed rota­tion speed of the tooling
  • Integ­rated col­lec­tion box for the metal chips provides for clean­li­ness at the workplace
  • Simple and error-free operation
  • Spe­cial coun­ter­sinking tools avail­able for various oper­ating ranges (TUBOGRAT K60, K77)
  • TUBOGRAT 48 / 60, TUBOGRAT K60 / K77
Datenblatt zum TUBOGRAT, der Entgratmaschine für Rohre
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