A system must be scalable

Intel­li­gent system solu­tions for pipe processing

The pipe bending system from PBS

A system must be scalable.

For more than five dec­ades, TRACTO-TECHNIK has been a reput­able partner in pro­cessing pipes. During this time we have acquired extensive exper­i­ence in pipe forming techno-logy. This led to the devel­op­ment of the system for pro­cess-ing media-car­rying pipes: PIPE BENDING SYS­TEMS. This reflects our core com­pet­ence: Thinking in terms of system solu­tions for pipe pro­cessing. The best system for single-part and small-series pro­duc­tion with great product variety.

Innov­ative pipe bending sys­tems
guar­antee pro­cess reliability

PIPE BENDING SYS­TEMS con­sists of four com­pon­ents that work together to make the system reli­able, accurate, for­ward-looking and satisfying:

  • Innov­ative pipe bending machines
  • High pre­ci­sion pipe meas­ure­ment technology
  • Effi­cient soft­ware solution
  • Exzel­lent service

For out cus­tomers, we realize a smoothly func­tioning overall system — intel­li­gent and uncom­plic­ated, simply smart. As a system pro­vider and expert for integ­rated fit­ting piping and pipe pre­fab­ric­a­tion, we take into account all aspects for effi­cient, cost-effective and pro­cess-reli­able pipe pro­cessing: Innov­ative machines, pre­cise meas­uring sys­tems, intel­li­gent soft­ware solu­tions as well as excel­lent con­sulting and Ser­vice are avail­able to our cus­tomers for all pro­jects from the very beginning.

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Typ­ical pro­duc­tion steps of pipe man­u­fac­turing are sawing and bending as well as end pre­par­a­tion or cut­ting ring assembly. In order to achieve a high degree of flex­ib­ility in the piping pro­cess on site (on the con­struc­tion site, at the plant), a good coordin­a­tion of the pro­cesses without fixed inter­link-ing is optimal. The robust­ness of the pro­cesses and thus of the machine tech­no­logy is ensured by high-quality machine technology.

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A sig­ni­ficant improve­ment in the tube man­u­fac­turing pro­cess is achieved by linking tech­no­lo­gical data from the pro­cess steps of sawing, bending and quality assurance.

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High effi­ciency of man­u­fac­ture plan­ning and con­trolling of indi­vidual pipes or small series can be achieved if tech­no­lo­gical and admin­is­trative data are linked together. Numerous pro­duc­tion steps from storage to pipe pre­par­a­tion, machining and install­a­tion can be coordin­ated and managed.
Linking together tech­no­lo­gical and admin­is­trative data enables the cre­ation of pro­duc­tion batches. These pro­duc­tion batches can be optim­ised according to require­ments, costs, lead times or re-sources. The optimal value chain is selected for the defined boundary conditions.

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The net­working of the tech­no­lo­gical and organ­iz­a­tional inform­a­tion of all pro­cess steps of tube pro­duc­tion allows an auto­ma­tion of the pro­cesses even for single piece or small series pro­duc­tion. All pro­cess steps can be linked from the ware­house to pipe pre­par­a­tion, pipe pro­cessing and assembly on site.
In the ware­house logistic pro­cesses like con­trol of trans­port, com­mis­sioning and storage can be affected. The pipe pre­par­a­tion may com­prise sep­ar­a­tion, deburring and cleaning. Machining can con­sist of pipe bend-ing, end pro­cessing, cut­ting ring assembly, joining (welding), flaring, and related quality assur­ance opera-tions. In the pro­duc­tion step of assem­bling the integ­ra­tion of logistic pro­cesses like com­mis­sioning and com­ponent tracking can sup­port the overall automation.

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